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Singapore teams up with Mafengwo, and California returns to Chengdu

Singapore Tourism Board collaborates with Mafengwo to launch celebrity itinerary

In a recent move aimed at engaging China's younger travelers, the Singapore Tourism Board partnered with Chinese online travel platform Mafengwo to jointly launch three products under the banner of "Jackson Wang's Lion City Routes". Jackson Wang is a rising Hong Kong rapper, musician and fashion designer, ranked 10th on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

Jackson Wang has the largest Chinese celebrity Instagram following, at 33 million followers

California Tourism Board reopens Chengdu office

On January 24th, the California Tourism and Convention Bureau announced the reopening of its Chengdu office, marking a crucial step in revitalising the California brand in the southwestern Chinese tourism market. The reopening event was held at The Ritz-Carlton in Chengdu, with over 30 participants, including colleagues from the tourism industry, representatives from airlines, and media partners.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and the seventh-largest urban economy in China 

Bloomberg reports $130 billion loss to global tourism industry due the "disappearance" of Chinese tourists

A recent Bloomberg report claimed that the "once-largest consumer group for overseas travel"—Chinese tourists—is now "disappearing," causing a loss of nearly $130 billion in the global tourism industry. Overall, Bloomberg's report focuses on the movement and consumption of Chinese tourists since the reopening of China's borders in early 2023, stating that Chinese people still prefer to choose destinations closer to home for travel. Data from aviation data provider Cirium shows that China's international route network has contracted by 43%, with 45 overseas destinations no longer having direct flights. Bloomberg also mentioned that compared to previously popular overseas destinations such as New York and Paris, Chinese tourists now prefer to visit the Middle East or choose domestic locations like Sanya and Tibet.

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