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403% demand growth for China's private family tours: Ctrip 2023 report

In 2023, the parent-child travel market saw a strong recovery, and like with just about all segments of the China market in 2023, consumers exhibited new and interesting consumption trends. On January 11, Ctrip, in collaboration with Volvo, released the "2023 Family Travel Report." The data indicated that parent-child travel demand gauged significant growth in 2023, with parents born in the 1980s and 1990s becoming the main drivers of the market. Among ticket purchases for scenic spots, parent-child purchases doubled year-on-year.

Outdoor and adventure tourism has seen strong growth in China since the pandemic

Interestingly, the proportion of parent-child users ordering themed tours such as skiing, diving, and hiking grew to 33%, much higher than previous years. Self-driving tour orders increased by 149% year-on-year, and among users who ordered higher-end hotels, parent-child users accounted for 38%, with parent-child user orders increasing by 121% year-on-year. These customers accounted for 55% of private group tour products, and their orders for private group tours increased by 403% year-on-year.

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